2021 Africa International Horror Film Festival – Official Selection

African International Horror Film Festival is a horror film festival based in Lagos, Nigeria committed to giving independent horror filmmakers in Africa and beyond a platform to showcase and promote their works. The submission for our Maiden edition kicked off on 1st February and lasted to 31st July 2021. From a poll of 4,000 films submitted, 92 films have been selected to participate in this year’s edition.

See the films below;

Short films From Africa

Listen by Udoka Oyeka (Nigeria)

An Eldritch Horror by Cheyi Okoaye (Nigeria)


One by Nicholas ”Big Ghun” Nartey  (Ghana)

Names by Adeoye Adetunji (Nigeria)

The Nightmare on Broad Street by Femi Johnson, Ayo Lawson  (Nigeria)


How May I Help You? By Babajide Aroyewun  (Nigeria)

Hers, Mine, Ours by Deji Omoloja  (Nigeria)

Ngwena by Young Dingha  (Cameroon)

“Ounje Ale” ( Night Food ) by Ozor Uche (Crea8ive nerd)  (Nigeria)

R.I.P by Obi-Eke Spurgeon  (Nigeria)

Glitches by Ahmed Seddiek  (Egypt)


Wrong Con by Charles Obi Emere  (Nigeria)

ATUNMARILAKA by Omomnjahio Olumense  (Nigeria)

BODIES by Nelson Bright (Nigeria)

Belphegorian by Mohamed Serag Eldin  (Egypt)

Anuli by ‘Chukwu Martin  (Nigeria)

FTFO V by Kanso Ogbolu  (Nigeria)

DarkTrev by Ajibola Fasola  (Nigeria)

Shoot Day by Matthew ‘Mao’ Adeboye  (Nigeria)

Short films international

Overtime by Jeshua Christian Maloring  (Indonesia)

Attached by Emre Yapıcı (Turkey)

Tekenchu by Carlos Matienzo Serment  (Mexico)

Run. Hide. Pray. By Liz Lugo  (United States)

REFLECTION by Vũ Thanh Phương  (Viet Nam)

Here comes the wolf by Rohart Julie  (France)

MAYA the Sacrifice by Paolo Bertola, Maria Brenda (Co-director) (United States)

Let’s All Go To The Lobby! By Nolan Barth  (United States)

Fractures by Fernando Tato  (Spain)

Margaret by PERIKLIS TSINTZAS  (Greece)

Melpomene by A.M. Vasquez  (United States)

Sunset Hill by Joshy Lee  (United Kingdom)

HOSTILE by Carlos Sánchez Arévalo  (Spain)

Crock Pot by Ty Jones  (United States)

Twigs by Tomas Herrera

Hotel Europe by Quentin DANIEL, Sylvain COISNE  (France)

Into the Hills by Eduardo Granadsztejn, Nicolás Croza  (Uruguay)

Forever House by Matt Poidevin  (Australia)

While You Pray by Luciano de Lima  (United States)

Koreatown Ghost Story by Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum  (United States)

Nesting Grounds by Hayden Howe  (United States)

If You Feel Sleepy, Never Wake Up by Elvert Bañares  (Philippines)

Tropical Sun by Tom Hughes  (United Kingdom)

SOMNIA by Christian Silva  (Puerto Rico)

Stay Calm by Sam Quinn, Connor McLean  (United States)

Accept by Manuel Klavers  (Germany)

The Passenger by Alexander Bruckner  (Austria)

KYRIE by LEE  (Korea)

B&B Broken Breakfast by Tomaiuoli Ciro  (Italy)

BOX by Lee Thongkham  (United States)

Last Date by Marielle Sjømo Samstad  (Germany)

LUST by Loida Niño  (Mexico)

For Sale by Francesco Gabriele  (United Kingdom)

Highway 13 by Stan Papulkas  (Canada)

The Last Supper by León Landázuri  (Mexico)

The Music box by Ana Carolina do Monte  (Brazil)

Slash by Wesley Mellott  (United States)

TALISMAN by Nnamdi Kanaga  (United States)

Elysia  by Wesley Mellott  (United States)

Nyctibius by DN Bianco  (Argentina)

Bella Post Mortem by Carlos Marbán Torres (Spain)

Here comes the wolf by Rohart Julie  (France)

Define Delphine by Fábio Brandão  (Brazil)

Before 7 Days by Ivan Padak Demon  (Indonesia)

María, María by Mauricio Alcaíno Lopez  (Chile)

Magdalena by Ramón Martínez  (Mexico)

Cassandra’s secret by Lionel Vania Arazi  (France)

SCRIPT by Piero Cannata  (Italy)

A Brother’s Homecoming by Kenny Vazquez  (United States)

Prey by Sunny Kings  (United States)

The killer in cursed water by Laurent Ardoint, Stephane Duprat  (France)

Ospel by Xanti Rodriguez  (Spain)


SLAB by Donna Marie Sludds  (Ireland)

Be Careful What You Say by Buğra Mert Alkayalar  (Turkey)

REWIND by Rubén Pérez Barrena  (Spain)

Threads by Ustin Danchuck  (Ukraine)

Mirror Mirror A Tale of Blood by Rick Danford  (United States)

Feature length films (Africa)

The Disclosure by Adeoye Adetunji  (Nigeria)

MAY 29 by Awal Abdulfatia Rahmat  (Nigeria)

Clout by Bobby Emmanuel Okoye  (Nigeria)

#LANDoftheBRAVEfilm by Tim Huebschle  (Namibia)

MWERUKA (The Soul Scout) by KABALI JAGEN PA  (Uganda)

TOKOLOSHE THE CALLING by Richard Green  (South Africa)

Feature length films (International)


Sealed Invasion by Metin Kuru  (Turkey)

The Whistler by Gisberg Bermudez  (Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic)

The Deep Ones by Chad Ferrin  (United States)

Shanda’s River by Marco Rosson  (Italy)

PandaMonium by MJ Dixon  (United Kingdom)

Horror Animation (Africa)

FTFO by Kanso Ogbolu  (Nigeria)

Horror Animation (International)

The Dead Hands of Dublin by Leo Crowley  (Ireland)

Family Tree by Emmet O’Brien  (Ireland)

Congratulations to all the filmmakers whose films have been selected. The Festival is set to hold from the 18th – 20th October, 2021. We look forward to screening these amazing movies.