The question most independent filmmakers struggle to answer is – How do I make a quality film without breaking the bank? The answer lies in filming horror stories.

The key thing about horror is that it’s relatively inexpensive to produce. Horror film fans aren’t looking for polished films; they’re looking for scares, and those, are cheap to produce.

The horror genre also gives independent filmmakers a lot of creative freedom while creating. African International Horror Film Festival exists to showcase and promote these works.

We are committed to bringing the best independent short and feature-length horror films to the best movie-watching audience in the world. Filmmakers will also have the opportunity to interact and get feedback from the audience and industry professionals.

We are on the lookout for dark, thrilling, and horrific short and feature-length films as well as animations. We want something that will frighten our audience or drive them to the edge of their seats.

Our selected judges will go through an intensive judges training program and will watch the films submitted to the last minute. The judges will also decide on different awards that will be presented to outstanding filmmakers.

In addition to the film screenings, there will be panel discussions and filmmaking workshops by industry professionals.